At Pinturas APIBA, we’ve been putting colour into your life since 1985. Throughout our professional history, we have completed a large number of jobs for recognised companies, individual customers, state bodies, property administrations, decorators, architects, quantity surveyors, etc.

We have the best brands and suppliers so that the result is always the best: long-lasting, quality paint. We always aim for the best in our services. Customer satisfaction is our main motivation and therefore we work in the most professional and efficient way to achieve excellence in each of our jobs.

Sometimes, painting an area is not enough; you have to study it, evaluate the most appropriate colours and the type of paint so that the final result is the most suitable. We take charge of everything, with over 30 years of experience in the sector, which has made us, little by little, into one of the benchmark companies in the Balearic Islands.

A good example of this is that we recently opened a new headquarters in Ibiza, extending our business area, growing day by day and bringing our services to more people.

We are a company that does not impose limits and so our work area is on a provincial level, peninsular level, within the Canary Islands and, sometimes, on an international level.

We have a large team of qualified professionals available throughout the year, which allows us to accept any kind of large-scale job within the time limits demanded by our customers. We are efficient, responsible and committed, providing security and peace of mind to our customers. The deadline for finishing a job is just that, without any delays or waiting time.

Prevention and Safety

In compliance with the current legislation, Le 31/95 of 8 November on PREVENTION OF LABOR RISKS and RD 39/97 of 1 January, by which the regulation of prevention services, PINTURAS APIBA, SL, has been implemented a system of management and prevention of occupational risks with the advice of a prevention service in order to guarantee the safety and health of our workers, the circumstance that undoubtedly increase the level of quality of the services provided to our clients.

Now we are also in Ibiza